"It's always the same with those musicians, they never ever carry clothespins on them"
She was staring straight at me and I could not tell if she was irritated or joking.
"euh I usually don't play outside"

Heck, I usually don't play at all. Calling me a musician is really too much honour for a flutist that hardly manages to get her flute out of the box 3 times a year. Fortunately the former director of the former youth choir in my home town who is currently directing a solidarity choir from Ghent still e-mails me now and then allowing me to get my flute out of the box if my schedule permits.

Today we were singing at the opening of a new B&B in Oud-Heverlee, a village in the forests just south of Leuven. A big house nicely restored at the edge of the woods, art from befriended local artists in the rooms and garden, a pizza oven next to the terrace, a big herb & vegetable garden and many fruit trees as a source for jam: "tussen kunst en konfituur (between art and a Dutch poetic alliteration) seems a nice place to stay.

But if you want to play outside in the garden on a windy need clothespins to attach your music sheets to the music stand :p.


I was wondering what the clothespins were about!
Carolien said…
O, ik had graag die opening bijgewoond, maar ik was verhinderd.
FelicityXOX said…
dear E, just wanted to say - your about me photo up there in the Right hand corner is lovely:-)

love FXOX
anno said…
The clothespins had me wondering, too! How funny!
Jenn said…
Me three, I had no idea what this post was about till the last line.
Snooker said…
Ah... but those silly musicians never think about these things. You were just supposed to KNOW!
Nice to be called a musician, eh?

captcha - brabrand
Could be taken two ways.
They want to know the person's bra brand... or it actually makes me think about Bar Bar Bar... Bar Barbra Ann
Brian Miller said…
ha. i am glad you explained the clothespins...have fun!

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