Singing and congresses

Due to medical problems and wedding preperations I missed last year's concerts for Caminhando. It's quite hard to practise and grow in specific songs all year long and then can't quite finish them off.

But I had a second chance today: our choir was invited to sing at the opening of a theology congress in Leuven about "Prophetic Pastoral Care and Counseling". It was strange to have choir rehearsals during the summer....after all it's the "new year's eve period, right?" Anyway, despite the incredible heat, we did quite well and it was a very warm & enthousiastic group that didn't hesitate to sing along when we invited them too.

It was the first time ever I attended a part of an academical congress, unlike some other choir members that work/study at the university. According to them, they usually have a welcoming speech and immediately an introductory presentation or lecture or something. Here the entire program was "welcome by organizing committee" "welcome by representative of ..." "welcome by representative ...".... It was rather repetitive and following some sort of protocol with mandatory welcoming of honorary guests etc. Interesting to watch. Quite a colourful group too: very international , very eucomenical (Indians in saris, bishops, Orthodox church patriarchs in their black attires and typical long beards, ....) .

Part of me would like to join them in the coming days, I think it'll be quite interesting. Although I'm not good for listening to lectures and I'd not pay that much money for them. But I wish all the participants an inspiring week!


Snooker said…
As a person who organizes these kinds of congresses... trust me they are much more exciting behind the scenes. :)

Happy that you got to sing with your group!

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