* 866 km traffic jam this weekend in France. 866 !!! Uck! Why do people book a vacation which starts/ends on the 4th weekend of the summer vacation at the end of July/beginning of August. There must be so many people in that traffic jams that could have avoided it, no? Not all of them. Gosh I'm so happy to work in the summer when roads to work are emptier.

* I got this handy laptop pillow/table that fits on my lap and keeps the laptop more stable and my legs cooler. Yeay.

* We think Ikea should have VIP parking spots for Swedish cars.

* I found a pile of diskettes with back-ups of university work . Jan replied "oh do we still own a computer with a diskette drive?" Wow, makes you reflect on the technological evolution huh!


felicityXOX said…
Im glad we dint have a car when I hear of traffic jams that long!
Jenn said…
By God that is a long traffic jam.

At IKEA here there are special spots for hybrid cars....


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