Can you believe it?

Remember my pictures on the Hoge Veluwe and the art in the from 06/09/09??
Check out the pictures from Betsy on her picture update : the biking ones are dating from 06/09/09.....taken you notice? Yep indeed taken in the Hoge Veluwe park in the afternoon, also on bike route 2 that we were biking.

Can you believe it? We read each others blogs for 4 years now, we live in Belgium and in Germany but we were biking the same 25 km bike route on the same afternoon in The Netherlands. Darn why don't I play the lotto??

And no we did not see each other in case you wonder. That would be too much coincidence right. Let's not exaggerate, ok?


Brian Miller said…
too cool. too bad you did not run into each other that would have been even better!
Betsy said…
Not only that, but didn't you mention you heard the demonstration with the hunting horns? We must have even been at the same pavilion at the same time! That park is enormous! (We biked 13km inside just to get there!) What are the odds of being at the exact same place at the exact same time! Unbelievable!

I really wish I'd known, because I would have loved to finally meet up with you and chat over a cup of coffee!
Goofball said…
I thought the hunting horns bands were playing between 11-17 so not sure if we were having lunch at the same time.
Luisa Perkins said…
That's amazing!
Anonymous said…
How delightful! The Hoge Veluwe is such an incredible place and even more fun with a friend on the outing as well! We should all meet up there sometime and bike the day away!
Jenn said…
So cool. I love to meet my blogging friends in person!

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