Do you want a pet?

Warning- this post contains important information. Please read carefully!

As of tomorrow morning, only 42 mammals are allowed as pet anymore in Belgium. At least that's what I read in the newspaper who announces at the start of each month the most remarkable legal changes in Belgium. Hugh...a law that regulates the mammals as pet.....sure, I guess it makes sense to avoid abuse...but still ...

so let me see what we get to choose from:
  1. bennet wallaby
  2. dog
  3. cat
  4. fret
  5. donkey
  6. mule
  7. horse
  8. mule again (ok which politician fell asleep when making up this list)
  9. pig (does that include some humans?)
  10. lama,
  11. guanaco (sorry I can't translate animals I don't even know in dutch) (ah found it....well it's a guanaco in English too, there you go)
  12. alpaca
  13. axishert (a type of deer)
  14. edelhert (another type of deer)
  15. sikahert (another type of deer.... hey "42" mammals is cheating if you list all types of deer, right!?)
  16. damhert (yeah yeah another type of deer - the bambi type fallow deer?)
  17. a domestic cow
  18. Asian buffalo
  19. domestic goat
  20. wild goat
  21. wild sheep
  22. domestic sheep
  23. black-tailed prairie dog
  24. Asian striped ground squirrel,
  25. Eastern chipmunk,
  26. Chinese dwarf hamster (haha you wouldn't tell I am totally making some translations up , do you?)
  27. gold hamster,
  28. Campbell dwarf hamster,
  29. Roborovski dwarf hamster,
  30. Dzjoengarian dwarf hamster (geez, do these really exist?)
  31. the real gerbil (yep, we wouldn't want to allow the fake ones, do we?)
  32. desert mouse
  33. spiny mouse
  34. dwarf mouse,
  35. African dwarf mouse
  36. house mouse
  37. brown rat (so no other colors allowed?? ....some people will need to spray paint their rats, I believe)
  38. chinchilla
  39. cavia/guinea pig
  40. the patagonian mara or hare
  41. degu
  42. rabbit
It's been stated explicitly that monkeys and raccoons are from now on forbidden.
Great, glad that's been sorted out: if you meet any monkey inside your house, you can consider it illegal.

I'm also relieved that after a long period of political stability, our government is now stable enough to tackle the priority problems in our country.


Anonymous said…
I definitely think you need a sheep as a house pet! Hahahaha!
Doug Johns said…
so I can't bring my pet monkey when I come to visit you? How about the Canadian beaver or porcupine?
I started to really worry - no guinea pigs! Then I saw cavia at almost the bottom of the list. Phew! Guess I can move to Belgium now.
Lilacspecs said…
After meeting a Kind en Gezin inspector yesterday I have lost all surprise at ridiculous laws/rules in Belgium.
rozebril said…
Ik vraag me af of het nog mogelijk zou zijn om nummer 2 te laten schrappen... En als we dan toch aan het schrappen zijn, dan ineens ook nummer 3 graag
rozebril said…
... al de rest mag blijven trouwens (ik wil hier nu ook weer niet voor een dierenhater doorgaan ;-))
Goofball said…
@mojenn: there's definately worse ones in the list to choose from :p

@doug: you're very welcome to visit without a pet monkey :-)

@jen: no more excuses now huh!

@lilacspecs: well I truly wonder if this wouldn't be regulated in other countries as well. it seems partially ridiculous but yet I can't imagine you're free to choose to live with an elephant in your living room for example?

@rozebril: :)
Allie said…
How bizarre - I mean really, I didn't realize that there was laws about this kind of stuff. Perhaps I am just ignorant ....
Goofball said…
@Allie: I didn't know either, that's why I thought it was funny to post about it :p
Snooker said…
At least the cat is in that list.
I've had domesticated rats which weren't brown... more like saddleback black and white. I wonder what the problem is with them?
FelicityXOX said…
Oh E you are FUNNY - and this list is hysterical

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