Indian Summer in Scheveningen

Anyone who knows us a little bit, know that Scheveningen holds a special place in our heart and we don't need much excuses to drive up north.

This time we had the joy to meet our good friend's little baby daughter. We enjoyed their family and a walk along the beach that always brings back a lot of memories. Aaaaaah pleasant fall days :)


It looks lovely - I love days like that!
Haley-O said…
Wow! Such beautiful children -- and YOU, you gorj thang, you! Thanks for sharing these pics. Awesome!
rozebril said…
Weeral zo'n leuke foto's. Het staat jullie goed hoor, zo'n stelletje kindjes ;-)
Luisa Perkins said…
Oh, gorgeous children. I love that last photo of you!
Anonymous said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely.

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