Busy bee

This week has been rather insane. I've been catapulted from relaxed vacation mood right back into projects at work & a backlog of little fires to put out, we had a Canadian house guest, some appointments, another diving excursion and a choir weekend game to prepare in little time. All good & fun, just a bit too much at the same time. Seems like ages since I've been on vacation already :p.

So where's that virtual telepathic blogging functionality when you need it. I would have shown pictures from our vacation in Spain, had a post about the Berlin Wall in my mind, some more food memories, Luisa's meme,... But the fact is that I'm off to work now with some suitcases in my truck because now I'm off to a short choir weekend. And after that, I am very much looking forward to normal routine life again :)


Alex Elliot said…
I find a lot of times I have blog posts in my mind that I somehow I never get around to actually writing. Sounds like you had a fun vacation though!
Jenn said…
I agree that is is always a challenge to come back from vacation. There is all kinds of stuff to do that was neglected, but you are still kind of relaxed.

Good Luck!


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