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Sometimes bloggers seem to be telepathic. Last week I played Luisa's meme and tagged Carol....while at the same time she was playing a different meme and tagging me. Funny. She got the honest scrap award, obviously since she very openly blogs about all aspects in her life good and not so good on a wide variety of topics: family, vacation, (un)employment, health, aging, ... No wonder she's perceived as a very open genuine blogger.

So here are the rules:

Share 10 honest things about yourself.

  1. I learn that I must unwind before going to bed, clearing my mind of all the thoughts whirling through my brain and allowing myself to become tired...if not I remain sleepless for hours.
  2. I enjoy routine...it's comfortable and doesn't require making choices
  3. As a child we brought colouring books to the kindergarten class but the other kids didn't allow me to draw in theirs since I couldn't colour "within the lines" very well.
    then I allowed only kids to colour in mine who didn't colour within the lines either. However I never stubbornly learned to colour within the lines very well.
  4. In general, if I feel pressure to do something, I am less inclined to do it.
  5. I can't stand drunk people that try to talk to me
  6. I always buy yoghurt and can never finish them before their best before day. But I always have the intention to eat more yoghurt.
  7. I have improved the last year to learn to go to bed at time...sometimes my good intentions start becoming reality.
  8. Jan and I name all our hardware devices (laptop, external HDD, router, ...) with funny names reflecting inside jokes for us.
    Whenever I see the network name I'm connected to at home, I chuckle. I can't help smiling at the thought that some of our neighbours might pick up that signal and wonder who the hell marked their network with such an odd name. Oh if only I could rename some more neighbourhood networks (with boring router names or family names) ...I've got some inspiration left :)
  9. As a kid I took a lot of nose drops against my colds and I think it has effected my ability to smell all smells as sometimes people seem to pick up a smell that I do not notice at all. (I do think I notice all the bad smells though :( ).
    When living in Canada I tried to explaining this to someone by stating "I have a bad smell". I had no idea what they were chuckling for.
  10. Unlike many woman I do not have a shoe fetish. Please give me one comfortable nice pair of black shoes, one brown (in winter) or one white (in summer).....easy to combine with everything, nicely worn a bit to the maximum comfort level. Nice! Of course I need boots too in winter. But that's it really.

I tag on my turn a few honest genuine bloggers: Rozebril (of course we want you on that stage, remember); my friend Allie, Jenn , Luisa and Snooker.


Snooker said…
Congratulations on your award!
I'm with you on number 2, 4, and 10. As for number 3, I'm very proud of you for not learning to conform to the lines. Life is MUCH more interesting that way!
Allie said…
Great honesty with yourself! I think sometimes the biggest challenge in one's life for themselves is to be able to be honest with themselves. I am so with you on the shoe thing!! And, I am pretty sure that Paul is grateful as well!!!

I will try to get my meme up during nap time today ....

Hope all is well! Love ya and give a big hug and kiss to Jan too for me!
Betsy said…
I enjoyed these! :-)

And I'm totally with you on the shoe thing...
Goofball said…
@all: hey isn't there any female blogger with the stereotypical shoe fetish then??????

@snooker: well as an adult I'm sometimes embarrassed for my poor colouring capabilities :). Fortunately I don't need to use that skill a lot.
As for a metaphor: yes life is more interesting if you colour outside the lines, yet it's less routine too ;)

@Allie: thanks for playing and for your sweet comment. As stated in our chat, I had a lot different honest statements in my mind, some much less superficial ones, ...yet you can't publish anything you want online. At least I hope these were entertaining & light.

@Betsy: great :)
Goofball said…
@all: I attribute point 1 and 7 to becoming older :p
rozebril said…
Nummer 3! Hilarisch gewoon, dat je alleen de kindjes in je boek liet kleuren die ook buiten de lijntjes kleurden :-)!
Stokje aanvaard, dat is iets voor morgen ofzo...ยต

Dat van dat podium: je zou nog wel eens je goesting kunnen krijgen, vrees ik: http://www.clickx.be/blog/110401/site-van-het-jaar-2009-tussenstand/
Ten huize rozebril heerst er alvast een "lichte paniek"

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