Our choir director was late at the choir rehearsal today and that was very unusual. She had not announced to anyone that she'd not make it so we started ourselves on our own with some confusion. Every time the door opened, we all turned to the door in expectancy and deflated a bit again when a different face appeared.

After half an hour she finally appeared and a gulf of relief waved through our rows.
"Sorry sorry, but my train was late as someone got run over by it".

In the next 10 minutes she missed to give us our entry sign half of the times and we missed our lines constantly.


Lilacspecs said…
Maybe that was the same "accident" that delayed the trains from Brussels to Gent last night?
Brian Miller said…
whew. that will shake anyone up. frightful.
Goofball said…
@lilacspecs: I don't know, I heard there were a few accidents over the last days.

@Brian: yes it does
But unfortunately jumping in front of a train is the most effective method to take suicide in Belgium and therefore these accidents are not entirely uncommon, apart from the "regular railroad crossing accidents". :(

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