Find the differences

4 Benedictine abbey churches in alike and yet not quite.
Which one do you prefer? Why? Let me know!
Can you see which ones are photographed in the opposite direction?

(1) Abbey aux Hommes and (2) Abbey aux Dames both in Caen

(3) Trinity Abbey in F├ęcamps and (4) Abbey church St Ouen in Rouen


Shan said…
Wow, they are just beautiful! I think I like the last one best. Something about the colour of the stone work.
anno said…
They are all beautiful, and seeing them grouped together like makes an impressive statement -- love the photo! No clear favorite for me, though, sorry.
rozebril said…
De eerste, kweet niet goed waarom... ik denk door het vele licht achteraan
Goofball said…
We both liked the last one most. I read that this one has been built following the golden ratio. I was curious if anyone would notice.

Although i believe it was our favourite because there were no chairs in it. The vast amount of space all to ourselves was just jaw-dropping. Much more light too without dark chairs!
Jenn said…
I think they all look almost exactly the same - beautiful.


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