Some last random thoughts after Normandy

  • Walking shoes are not handy for nature walks only ....walking through cities with "normal" comfortable city shoes end up painful as well and each edge of a cobblestone stings through the thin soles. So why did I wait 2 days before putting on my walking shoes if I had both types in my suitcase?

  • The medieval Europeans weren't very anticipative for future traffic when planning their cities. As a result the historic city centers are a true nightmare for car drivers.
    In France city planners still stubbornly allow to park in all streets , even those were there's truly not enough room for parked cars+sidewalks+ ongoing traffic. Sidewalks are usually less than a meter wide so you always have to walk behind each other and as soon as you need to cross someone one of you must step down to the street. If you find a rare sidewalk wider than 1 meter, you can make a bet that there will be cars parked on it.

    Needless to say that all mommies with a stroller are walking on the middle of the road...which isn't too dangerous as the cars can only manage to drive through the narrow streets at walking speed.

  • Gosh there's so many Renaults in France. The French have always been suspicious about foreign brands, but this time there weren't even that many Citro├źns and Peugeots around...the winner is clearly Renault.

  • Wherever you are in France, there's always a road sign to Paris

  • If you've just lost your scarf , you might start searching the weird bubble in your jacket's left arm before you turn your room upside down.

  • Take 2 girl friends on vacation just before bed time and you get contagious laughter without any clear reason

  • Oysters taste like the ocean smells


Jenn said…
Here here about the shoes! Especially in Europe. Also I love the signs to Paris.

Anonymous said…
Perfecte samenvatting!


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