Canada during my exchange a long time ago


I'm supposed to meet my host mom's friend in the ski hill's cafeteria. This is my very first attempt in skiing and all the other kids on the school trip are very experienced skiers. I am an alien in school for not knowing how to ski and I guess my host mom is afraid that the other kids would talk me in going up a black slope with them right away. The truth is I'm really too much a pussy to leave the bunny hill soon. Anyway, her friend whom I have never met before, is going to spend some time with me after my first ski lesson and I'm grateful to get some company.

An unfamiliar lady walks up to me in the cafeteria when I wobble awkwardly inside in my rented ski boots:

"aaaah you must be Goofball. I had no clue what you'd look like but I was told I'd recognize you by your hat and by the scarf pulled up across your mouth and nose".


On my walk home from school on a typical Canadian winter day I pass by the local drugstore to get some stuff.

"How are you doing?"
"Oh fine fine, I'm doing well"
"Are you coping ok, this cold must be so difficult for you? "
"Oh it's not too bad really"
"Yes but you've surely never experienced such low temperatures in your life before" she insists while making a distinct gesture to my hat and my scarf that I had just lowered a bit from my mouth in order to be able to have a conversation.
"Yeah the temperatures are a lot higher in the winter in Belgium, but I wear the same type of hats & scarfs there as well though."

Fast forward to 2010

Not much has changed :)


rozebril said…
Ik heb ook dringend zo'n jas nodig! Ik ben een verschrikkelijke kouwkleum.
Poetikat said…
Your attire makes perfect sense to me, Goofball. I go out in the Canadian Winter looking much the same as you.
Brian Miller said…
lol. anything to stay warm...
Virtualsprite said…
Yep... looks like, me, too. But you wear it much better. :-)
Becca said…
Ah yes, it's winter everywhere! Even in places where it isn't supposed to be :)

Stay warm...

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