Invader etiquette

Dear bugs,

Last Monday you've invaded my body and I admit my defeat. I surrendered to my fate of snot & slime.

But you guys are not playing by the rules. For years and years, as long as I remember, you've followed this pattern:
  • First a sore throat in the mornings
  • The a runny nose, irritated because I've blown it too much already with breathing difficulties for a couple of days
  • Coughing for a couple of days
So the sore throat was there, the clogged sinusses making me feel cross-eyed as well but my nose didn't run....Great. Then the coughing arrived as expected.

But what's up with the runny nose and the breathing difficulties and watery eyes all of a sudden when it all should be fading away? What a sneaky attack to my moral by reversing the order (or even worse, by starting over). Don't you know there's some kind of invader etiquette, a pirate code of honour? How would you guys feel if I don't play by the rules and start taking more than the maximum doses of drugs, huh? Right? So if you guys had forgotten about the runny nose, so be it. Accept that.

So I address your code of honour: you've had your game but now it's time to move on.



Brian Miller said…
ack! i hope you feel better soon! nasty bugs!
Virtualsprite said…
Oooh... not good. I hope you get better soon!
Snooker said…
Sorry to hear it. But at least you are maintaining a sense of humor about it.
Get better soon!

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