Let's help the economy

  • 1,5 Sofrasolone nose sprays
  • 10 packages of tissue
  • 1 dose of anti sinus congestion pills
  • 1 laundry load at 95°C full of dirty handkerchiefs
  • 1 bottle of coughing syrup to dissolve the slimes
  • 1 bottle of coughing syrup to suppress the coughing reflex at night and works for the sinusses as well
  • 1 tube of calming repairing cream to sooth the irritated nose wings
Colds are good for pharma-related consumption (and are usually not bad enough to take sick leave from work) !! So let's all hang out with coughing red-nosed people to catch one of those bugs and we can all give a boost to the economy!


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