A long weekend in the Vosges/Alsace

Strasbourg and Colmar (in the valley)

Pittoresque villages along the "route du vin" : Mittelbergheim , Riquewihr, ..

The Alsacian vineyards up the slopes

Up in the Vosges

On our return home, we drove through white landscapes in France, Germany and Belgium and we made another stop in Ovifat Belgium since we were early. One of the few (small) alpine ski hills in Belgium was open.


anno said…
These are wonderful -- that picture of you all on the ski hill reminds me of a winter scene by Averkamp.
rozebril said…
amai jong, jullie weten van geen ophouden precies :-). Gelijk heb je! Het ziet er schitterend uit daar!
tijdtussendoor said…
Dat ziet er ook heerlijk uit!
Poetikat said…
Pretty little villages. What is the river running through - the Rhone or the Rhine? (Forgive me, if I'm way off.)

Goofball said…
@Poetikat: it's the river Ill which starts in the Jura mountains, runs parallell to the Rhine (which is in Germany) through the Alsace and then does end up in the Rhine.

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