Made in Belgium: Praga Khan

I've started this series with Belgian's most globally known dance hit "Pump up the jam" but Belgium has exported much more dance music and is at the origin of several genres.
Maurice Engelen is an active music octopus who has produced or launched many bands/projects. One of the most well known group he belongs to is Praga Khan.

First mainly known in clubs, some of their music became well-known hits and some music was used in movie soundtracks such as Basic Instinct and Austin Powers.

Breakfast in Vegas

Power of the flower


Betsy said…
I love, love, LOVE Praga Khan! Haven't thought about them in years-- ga ze meteen opzoeken op onze harddrive!

Ik weet dat ik iedere week hetzelfde zeg, maar: HARTSTIKKE LEUK! Bedankt!
Betsy said…
Heb net Khantastic van iTunes gekocht! Weet je wat er ook op staat? "Injected With a Poison"! Fantastisch! :-) Alweer bedankt!
Goofball said…
@betsy: glad to see I'm inspiring you to spending money :D
Betsy said…
Ken jij Toy?
Betsy said…
So have you watched "Any Way the Wind Blows" yet or is it still in your cabinet?! The soundtrack is AMAZING and it's got all kinds of great Belgian music on it. (maybe I can inspire you to spend some money as well... ;-) )
Goofball said…
Toy? nee nog nooit van gehoord. grappig

en nog steeds de film nie gezien. Maar over geld uitgeven gesproken: we gaan bij de HUMO een 4-delige serie van Belgische hits kopen :)

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