Mc Fatty

His figure appears all of a sudden out of the white at the back of the graveyard next to the abbey church.

"Oh hey, nice to see you again"

I stop to let him approach without intimidation, but the sound of my voice only accelerates his pace into a gentle run. Clearly he thinks its nice to see me again as well. Immediately I feel his head and body pushing itself against my legs, first at the side, then behind me, and forward again. I bow down to pet his back at which an immediate loud purring starts.

We stand there for about 5 minutes while he enjoys all the attention he gets. Now and then he walks off a few meter to check out the sound a family further away is making but as soon as I dare to move he's right at my feet again.

"I must go now...bye bye, see you next time"

Decidedly he walks along.

"Oh are you coming with me? Sure about that"?

At the abbey gate he's not too sure after all. He waits hesitantly and then sits down looking out over the fields around not in the slightest bit disturbed by all the white dust falling down from the skies....the ruler looking out with pride over his domain.

Funny cat.

Here's Mc Fatty on one of our previous visits in the fall.

He's becoming a famous blogging cat as he's been featured over at Lilacspecs in the past as well.


rozebril said…
Amai, zo'n groot beest. Wel schattig dat hij jou zo weer herkent.
Goofball said…
@rozebril: dat beest weegt loodzwaar! Hij wordt duidelijk heeeeel goed gevoed. en ik denk niet dat hij me herkende hoor. Ik denk dat hij elke voorbijganger herkent die hem aandaccht geeft :p. Op die foto van lilacspecs is hij zichzelf ook aan het vleien.
oker said…
O ja die ken ik! Maar ik heb hem nooit durven aanraken. Misschien een volgende wandeling.
Goofball said…
@oker: 't is een super mak sociaal aandachtzoekend beest. Je moet er geen schrik van hebben.
Lilacspecs said…
Awww, I'm glad he's still there. He's obviously very happy.
Becca said…
What a gorgeous cat! Looks like he's a permanent resident there!

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