New Year's Eve in Leuven

After celebrating New Year's Eve with friends in Scheveningen the last couple of years, we turned it around this year and hosted a little party at our place.

After a way too much good food, we headed downtown to the countdown taking place at the Oude Markt (old market square) in Leuven where 10000 people had gathered to celebrate the passing of the old year and the start of the new year.

In contrast to the Netherlands were New Year is hazardous for all the fireworks flying around you in the streets , walking home in Belgium is hazardous for all the empty cava/champagne bottles rolling around on the side walks! (no kidding...If you don't believe and here to just give some examples).


oker said…
Helemaal gelijk heb je! Ik mis het vuurwerk hier... maar die schuimwijnflessplinters hebben me echt verbaasd.

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