Official cold wave

When I walk to the trunk of my parked car, another car parks next to me. While folding open my windshield cover, I see her coming out of her car with a similar cover. Side by side we're spreading the silver blanket across the front of our car and we smile to each other in recognition. Trying to prevent a 10 minute ice scratching session in the morning apparently creates a bond with total strangers.

In my outfit that only leaves my nose uncovered to sniff the icy cold I cross the street. Argh, red light, brrr. Warmth, Jan's shoes and the smell of good warm meal greet me at the door where I leave the few snowflakes sticking to my shoes to melt on the floor heating.

Ah home sweet home with no plans to venture out very far this weekend. Bring on the predicted snow, I'm ready...


Lilacspecs said…
Yeah, walking to work has been very uncomfortable this last week. I hope the freeze ends this weekend.
Brian Miller said…
hope you stay warm...and throw a snow ball for me...all ours is melting after 3

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