A totally different world

Jan and I have headed out to the Ardennes & "High Fens" quite often over the last months now that we've realised that it only takes 60-90 minutes of driving for us to arrive in a totally different world full of woods, hills, creeks, fens and cute little villages, etc...

In winter you can take this quite literally. Where most of Belgium has already adjusted again to positive temperatures & green wet nature over the last 10 days, 20 km south of Li├Ęge the road climbs up and all of a sudden....all is white again. And you go down a valley : green, and up the road again: white, and down: green and higher up: white. Funny & remarkable how a small change in heigth makes such a difference in temperatures & weather!

pictures from Baraque Fraiture previous week


Virtualsprite said…
Beautiful! Isn't it fun to find a whole different world just minutes away from your home?

Actually, this looks a lot like my yard this time of year. I love snow, though.

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