Book hunting

"Maybe you can take your own cart, we'll never be able to stay close to one another in here"
"euh sure, how do we find each other again though? Do you carry your mobile phone?"

Off we went to meet the alphabet....the alphabet over and over again grouped in many different words, rearranged in different paragraphs, resulting in tables piled up with books.....a big fair with book stock sales.

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but that's really the only way to move forward. Covers, first impressions & coincidence such as "oh that isle is way too crowded, let's skip it" decide which books get considered or overlooked. The selection is vigorously strict since we came walking (and if you only read one book per month on average, piling up novels doesn't make sense anyway. At least that's what I had to keep reminding myself.)

Now and then our paths cross again."Hey, what did you get" I asked curiously while checking his cart. I'm glad I didn't turn around when we started walking and when I regretted our little afternoon activity right away due to the icy wind cutting in my face. Clearly it's not because last time you went in exceptionally nice weather, that this would be the case every time. But we had walked on and now I was glad we did.

After 2 hours we gathered our little treasure : 6 novels (eg Isabelle Allende's 'Sum of our Days', Jodi Picoult's 'Salem Falls' :) :) :) ), a big do-it-yourself guide which is Jan devouring already at the moment and which will come in handy, some child picture books as presents, a herb booklet, a cocktail book, some comic strips and a computer guide.

It makes our very sore feet worthwhile.


oker said…
Jaaaaaaaa, ik was er ook. En wat was het weer zalig! Ik heb me vooral gestort op alle ansicht en andere kaartjes, postpapier, opschrijfboekjes en notitieblokken die ze er hadden. Moleskine voor een fractie van de prijs... mmmmmm
Brian Miller said…
nice. just read salem falls last month...i think you will enjoy...i love books.

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