The castle of Horst

In Western Europe we are so spoilt with rich history & heritage sites that you can live for 3 years at 15 km from a marvellous water fortress and not even have bothered to visit it. It's not like we had not often already suggested to go for a walk or a fantastic brunch near the castle of Horst with friends but somehow those plans never got executed.

But this afternoon we headed to the "birthplace of the Red Knight" , famous from his own comic strip series. Upon our arrival we saw a big group of little princesses in marvellous pink & yellow dresses and young knights equipped with little swords , crowns & red capes. Unfortunately we were not in the right attire to join the fun looking birthday party. Bummer.

With a self-guided audio tour we explored the old donjon, climbed the 30m high claustrophobic uneven staircase to enjoy the view on the nearby hills, walked through the dining halls, basement & old kitchen.

Look look, see the signs of spring!!!!


zusjesenzo said…
Oh, het kasteel van Horst! Daar benik als kind heel dikwijls gaan spelen. Zelfs eens een verjaardagsfeestje gegeven. Ik zou daar ook nog eens naartoe moeten gaan met de kinderen, echt heel mooi daar.
Jenn said…
Ahh how I miss Europe. Beautiful pictures.

Jen said…
How gorgeous! And what a delightful place for a medieval birthday party! The little knights and princesses must have had a blast.

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