Busy nights

No wonder I sometimes wake up feeling not rested at all. I live amazing adventures at night that often make Jan shake his head and roll his eyes in the morning when I tell him.

I've been decorating tree huts over the last weeks and placed metal plant holders in my mom's former colleague's daughter's basement. Yeah I don't really know how I ended up in neither place.

I've also been on a mountain bike trip in Istanbul lately. The view over the city and the Bosporus was magnificent and I could point out the Hagia Sofia and the Topkapi Palace from the mountain top to my friends. Bummer that we needed to adjust some of our plans as the trails were covered with snow and as a result we had to move out of our rural hostel last minute.
(yes I mixed snow, rural and Istanbul in one view...pretty spectacular I admit) (although the idea of me on a mountain bike trip is as spectacular)

When I lost my hiking boot a few weeks ago I was rather pissed off in the morning. I had really neatly placed my boots in between the bike racks like everyone else when I went into the student restaurant in Ghent. But when I had come outside, one of them was gone. All the racks were still full of neatly placed hiking boots, except for my missing shoe of course. Argh. And none of the students walking by seemed to care at all that I was missing a shoe. It wasn't fair. It sucks walking home on one shoe! Those were really good comfortable shoes. Argh.
(it felt so real that the next morning, I did check my shoes in the closet, just to make sure).

Much more interesting was last time I walked back from my former music academy to my former high school only to get passed by one of the nuns on a skateboard and another one on a step. They sure progressed since their only workout was some circles on their bikes around the high school's volleyball court. They sure seemed to have a hell lot more fun now.

Last Tuesday night I had a fright. I was housesitting in a friend's apartment when all of a sudden out of a box on top of the wardrobe a monstrous big monitor lizard escaped and jumped the furniture around the apartment. I had no idea she had pets and screamed like hell. Fortunately Jan didn't hesitated long and jumped the animal in the kitchen, fought it and killed it with one of the nearby knives. He's my hero. After we had settled over the first shock , we discovered another smaller lizard in the room, but we've let that live. I don't think it's good practise to kill all pets if you are house sitting somewhere, right?

Anyway, my best nights are those when I don't remember my absurd dreams though. But I am sometimes amazed about the original images I come up with. How about you?


zusjesenzo said…
Bij mij is het probleem dat Luk meestal niet uitgerust is. Als ik droom, doe/zeg ik ook vaak echt wat ik aan het dromen ben. Eergisteren was ik een stok aan het zoeken op de grond aan het voeteneind. En ik heb Luk ook al eens een mep verkocht terwijl ik aan het dromen was. Heel genant allemaal! Maar wel grappig de dan nadien :-)
Brian Miller said…
nuns on skateboards...i really need pictures...ack on the boots, good boots are hard to find...
jokemijn said…
geweldig :) bij mij gaat het er vaak ook zo heftig aan toe. Af en toe lijkt de grens tussen slapen en wakker zijn ook heel erg vaag en voeg ik al eens de daad bij de droom. Wel fijn dat jij je dromen zo goed herinnert. Ik heb meestal maar een paar seconden een helder beeld en dan is het weer helemaal verdwenen.
Goofball said…
@jokemijn: tja ik herinner ze ook meestal niet. Het is net als ik slecht en onrustig slaap en heel veel wakker wordt en daarna even wakkerlig dat ik ze onthou. Ik denk dat je dromen enkel herinnert als je binnen de 5 min van die droom wakker bent, anders is hij weer weg.
Anonymous said…
i miss istanbul.
Anonymous said…
Dus ik ben niet de enige met bizarre dromen... Oef!!! :-) Nele x

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