Last weekend were filled with more family visits. After the reunion with my Australian host sister after 20 years at our wedding, she now returned to Belgium for the 2nd time with her lovely family. This time she fortunately stayed longer than one day and I wasn't tied up with a lot of other guests to truly meet and catch up.

We had the joy to finally meet her husband and children over the weekend and relive memories from long times ago while my nephew could make new ones with his new international friends. Needless to say that time flew waaaaaaay to fast and before we knew it we had to say goodbye again. Thank goodness I've been trained over the last 15-20 years in saying goodbyes but also in learning to trust that our roads will cross again somewhere here on the globe and that the bonds will remain. And that we'll laugh and talk again as if we've not been apart.

And in the mean time of course there's always the internet to keep in touch :)

My aussie sister and her husband

bonding in the kitchen

You clearly don't need to know English to goof over a plate of spaghetti :D...

....or to scream together in silly chasing games

Me and my mother

and my parents with their foreign host daughter


Lilacspecs said…
Looks like you had a really nice couple of weekends :)
Snooker said…
Aren't reunions wonderful?
Brian Miller said…
sounds wonderful...and i love the spaghetti pic. smiles.
felicity said…
Hey you gorgeous woman, we had a fabulous time - it was sooo lovely to see you and just hang out with you and your lovely family again after all these years. We loveyou guys. Hugs and much love


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