Getting out a little bit

Last week I've enjoyed the first communion of one of my cousin's son's from the sofa with excellent view on the playing kids.

(by the way, a dinosaur excavation kit seems like a popular gift. I had never seen it before, but pretty cool)

Last Sunday the sun convinced me to go try walking through town on a slow pace, where I got to see some of the provincial bike championship. It felt good to be outside!

The city hall is decorated full with little golden angels to announce next weekend's open air bi-annual theatre festival "Leuven in scène". I'm looking forward to being a lot better by then to fully enjoy getting outside again :)


Brian Miller said…
nice. first communion, very cool for him. a dino excavation kit...we like. got one for the boys not too long back, i think gramma did actually. love the pics. hope you are feeling well...
Becca said…
Glad you're feeling better and getting out and around after your surgery -I hope that continues!
Jingle said…
fabulous stuff.
best wishes!
Happy Friday!

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