The joy of dry sweatpants

The predicted rain had arrived when I got outside and was confronted with a curtain of wetness. Bravely I closed my jacket and headed forward on on the rhythm of the tick-tocking on my hood.

The cows don't seem to care and wobble their yummy hug bums through the field while looking for some green delicacies in the field. The asphalt looked intensely grey now that all the dust was getting washed away and little drops jumped into all directions. It reminded me of a geography class about raindrop erosion.

The mallard in the pond floats a bit aimlessly through the surface that now bubbles heavily by the increased force of the rain coming down.

My jeans is colouring darker and darker and sticks cold & heavy to my legs and I realize that my shoes aren't water proof either. Argh, 5 more minutes before I'm home...
and then I can strip these wet pants and change into warm soft sweatpants and enjoy the tinteling in my legs when they warm up again. Sweet.


Lilacspecs said…
Ooh, yeah, I like that feeling too. not the wet jeans part...the dry sweatpants parT.
Virtualsprite said…
I'm jealous! We were supposed to get rain here today and we didn't. I love rain.
Brian Miller said…
i love this...i was right there...and warm sweat pants sound wonderful. smiles.

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