Moving on

Sometimes you blog about spring walks, but you don't add that you were glad to get out off the house to get your mind off some persistent worries that have popped up again.

Sometimes you blog about upcoming concerts but you don't add that you are crossing your fingers that you won't have to cancel for the same reason you did last year.

Sometimes you're glad that there's some pre-scheduled music posts appearing on your blog so it doesn't look so silent.

But sometimes some issues do come (back) no matter how hard you curse them away and then you just need to swallow that pill again. And if you're lucky that pill isn't so bitter as you feared it would be anyway.

So here I am, recovering from some surgery again and I'm doing ok. Let's just hope this truly was the last time. Third time's the charm, right?


sari said…
I know what you mean about not sharing everything....but I hope that you're doing all right.
zusjesenzo said…
Oh nee, weeral?!
Maar gelukkig ales ok, zo te horen.
Ik hoop echt voor jou dat het deze keer de aller-allerlaatste keer was!
Lilacspecs said…
Oh no, again??
I hope you recover quickly.
Brian Miller said…
ack. i feel so out of the obviously you are ok as caught all your comments today but...hope you feel better...
Betsy said…
Oh, I am so sorry to hear this! Hope you recover quickly and that the third time's the charm!
Virtualsprite said…
I'm so sorry you have to have surgery again. I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well and you get better soon.
Poetikat said…
Oh dear, Ellen! I didn't realize you had to have another surgery. I will pray for your swift recovery.

Take care of yourself,


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