Happy fathers day and happy birthday!!!!!!

It was father's day today and in a few days my dad celebrates his birthday. Time for a family party!!!

Congratulations to my young & fit looking dad!!

Time for presents which of course need to get photographed

Stef goofing around but also proudly showing off his progress on this bike


zusjesenzo said…
Proficiat papa Goofball!
Hij ziet er inderdaad nog fit en jong uit, maar uw mama ook wel vind ik.
Jenn said…
Happy Birthday to your dad. It's funny that here in Canada Father's Day is next weekend.

Brian Miller said…
US fathers day is next week as well...way to scare me. lol. hope he had a great day and very happy birthday this week!
Goofball said…
@Brian: yes mother's day & father's day is second sunday of May or June in Belgium which is different in other countries :). sorry didn't mean to scare anyone.
FXOX said…
Happy Birthday and Happy fathers Day Wim

Ellen you look beautiful.


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