A poster wall

While my sister is having some friends over in her room, I bluntly walk in and jump on her big bed. While I get the attention I stare at her big wall full of music posters from the Joepie that I knew so well.

"Do you think that's a girl? " I ask out loud to whomever wants to listen while pointing at one of them.
"Who.... Boy George?" our neighbour girl replies.
"Yes that one....He really looks like a girl with long hair and lots of make-up, don't you think? But he's really a boy. Did you know that?" I reply proudly of my knowledge.
"...and that one" I continue while pointing at the black-and-white poster with a pale haired guy in a suite with untied tie playing the saxophone "he has one blue and one brown eye!!! Did you know that?"

I get some smiles as reply. The visitors are clearly amused by my very young interest in their popular culture. Now it's their turn to test me
"So who is this" while pointing at one of my favourite posters
"oooh I know, that is Bono"
"And this"
"It's Doe Maar and this is Henny and this is Jan and this is also Jan and this is.... eum I forgot"
while I throw my older sister a begging look
"Come on Goofball, be a little bit serious (= Ernstig in Dutch) " she helps me
"Ooooooooh I know I know, it's Ernst"

By now her guests are tired of entertaining her little sister and I slowly retreat back to my own room where my pink stuffed rabbit Bono and my little brown stuffed dog Jim (Kerr) are waiting for me on my bed.

This is a post part of the "the 80ies Retro Blog Day" to which Poetikat so nicely has invited me to join today. If you feel also like digging out your neon, your teased dos, your pointy shoes and your vinyl, feel free to join and blog about whatever 80ies memory you have. Find other participants at Poetikat's invisible keepsakes.


Poetikat said…
Loved it! You knew quite a lot for your age; I guess you were paying attention when no one was looking.

The Boy George thing always confused me too, but I knew about Bowie's eyes from the "Heroes" album. I played that to death!

Thanks for posting, Goofball. It was lots of fun to share in your memories.


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