Beekse Bergen

Last Saturday an extended Belgian family was reported in the Dutch safari park "Beekse Bergen" . All animals responded differently to this news event.

"I'll be at the look out, I'll see them coming from far"
"Oh well it's not as if we'll have to share our food anyway".

"Cool, would they come and play with us in the water?"

"Groovy, we can chill together if they bring me some beer"

"I'm gonna guard my food! I've heard those Belgians love good food"

"Run run!"

"Hey you, pay attention when I tell you something!"

"I need to wash up"

"I'm gonna warn the others!"

"Oh no oh no, I don't want to see them!"

"Are they there yet? Are they Telenet customers? Pooooooo"


Brian Miller said…
haha. gorgeous pics of all the animals...and so fun your words....
Virtualsprite said…
So funny! And the pics are gorgeous.
Anne said…
I admit, I just clicked "next blog" from my dinky little media blog and it came up with yours, so I decided to have a read since I'm new to this blogging thing. These wildlife pictures are brilliant. I love wildlife and mother nature, and just had to leave a comment. Sorry for the random visit!
Goofball said…
@Christopher: thanks for stopping by :)

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