Visible breath in the morning but with a bit of sun at noon quite enjoyable at best or chilly and gloomy at worst....aaah this weather drives me nuts when I have to pick my clothes in the morning.  It's been rainy and grey for weeks now so my nice white linnen skirt hangs forgotten in the closet and combining it with black leather boots would be totally redicilous.  So jeans once again???   Or do I have some more dressed pants that are not too winter looking but that do not require too open dressed shoes either?  Do sneakers combine with winter pants anyway?
But a cotton shirt of blouse is way too cold in our old office, where the calender rather than the temperature is apparently the only objective criterium to turn the heating on  (4 more days....4 more days of warming my hands at my cup of tea!!!).  But I am not ready yet to wear a high collar thick sweater !!!  And they don't fit under my narrow blazer...If I take out a real winter jacket already, I'll melt though.

I hate those weeks where neither the winter neither the summer clothes seem approriate and nothing combines anymore.


Brian Miller said…
haha. was cold here today...and 5 more inches of rain by morning...gonna be some flooding...i may need an intertube...

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