Gnomes, waterfalls, mudd & colleagues

Especially for all Canadians who read this blog, I now present the Belgian Niagara Falls....locally known as the waterfalls of Coo.

Really, be ready to see below the immense water volume that plunges itself the full 15 (or 13 depending on the source you check) meters down. Once upon a time one of the prime tourist attractions in Belgium and mistakenly named as Belgians highest water fall (the highest is next to this castle).

Since 5 years the location has been invaded by well-known Gnomes, such as "Kabouter Plop" , who live there with their tv friends in some really small sort of Belgian sort of Disneyland: Plopsa Coo.
Quite a good location to organize a family day as employer where you can hang out with your colleagues and see them riding some flying bikes with their toddlers instead of seeing them in meetings :). Always good fun.

Fortunately the colleagues with no (more) small children were not forced to listen to the repetitive Studio 100 children series music songs all day and we could do some mountain biking , kayaking or dropping in the beautiful Ardennes around.

We were dropped in a tiny village in the area and made our way back without any problem through the beautiful nature.


yab said…
De watervallen van Coo! Da's een eeuwigheid geleden dat ik daar was!
Lilacspecs said…
That's where we went camping last summer. It's a very pretty area!
Virtualsprite said…
So beautiful.

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