It's a beautiful day!

Yesterday 4 Irish men arrived in Brussels to sing that it was a beautiful day!  I sang together with 69999 other people that I'd follow.

We had to wait for more than a year before the 360° Tour by U2 arrived in Belgium but it was sooo worth waiting for.  Jan and I were there when they kicked off the European Vertigo tour in the King Baudoin Stadium 5 years ago and that was great, but now U2 surely lifted the concept of big concerts is stadiums to a higher level.

The warming up was done by Interpol. Their name didn't ring a bell until I heard some of their songs that were familiar. We enjoyed them.

But of course we all sat anxiously waiting until Bono, The Edge, Larry & Adam  walked casually in full stadium lighting to the stage. They only needed a few minutes and the concert was going at full speed. 
Aaaaaah goosebumps  for Miss Sarajevo,  an exploding mass at Elevation, a fun party at "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" (loved the djembe here!) , the claw at its best in "City of blinding lights".  Which other top group can line up top hit after top hit while still omitting so many of them?  U2 might not be the only super rock band in the world but surely the only one that has managed to keep up their level during 3 decades.

Gosh what a fabulous concert....wish I was there again tonight!

Unlike so many people that were stuck on the parking lot for hours after the concert, I had learned from the stories from unfortunate colleagues 5 years ago (and stories from others trying to leave from the Madonna concert). I really didn't want to spend that much time among 10000's other cars but since the night train tickets had already been sold out by the time I went to buy some, I chose to go and park my car at the exit of the main parking lot at noon already (and go back & forth home by public transport).  Good choice apparently. Pheww.


zusjesenzo said…
Jullie zijn geweest?! Oh ik had daar ook zo graag willen zijn :-(!
Brian Miller said…
i am jealous

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