Made in Belgium: The Claw

"We are an Irish band but this tour is a Belgian tour and this is a homecoming"
Bono exclaimed last night.   We already knew that but we all cheered extatically to hear it confirmed by Bono himself.

Stageco is a Belgian company located in Werchter, home of one of the world's biggest rock festivals, just outside of Leuven and their experience in building festival stages, have made them a regular supplier of Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones or even Obama's inauguration stage..... and also U2.  And the  3 Claws used for the 360° tour (3 because it takes 5 days to set-up, 2 to take down) that are touring around the world at the moment are locally made here.  And Bono took a bit of time to wave to Hedwig De Meyer from Stageco who was in lead of the production at the moment (and sent some flickering screens back on stage as a response :p)
We've actually seen one of the convoy's coming by on the highway just before the tour kicked off in Spain last summer.  Passing such a convoy of 90 trucks......pretty impressive  is an understatement! 

Also the expendable screen is Belgian technology from XL Video  filled up with LEDS made by Barco...yes Belgian too.

The fact that also a little movie was played during the show with Frank De Winne, the Belgian astronaut who led the ISS space center during a few months in 2009 , that Adam praised U2's formerly Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck  and that the Edge was glad that Belgians outnumbered any other nationality in their crew since they brang the beer as well   was obviously all welcomed by a big applause.   Ha, Belgians can be patriotic sometimes.

And of course we are proud that we made the most innovative, impressive tour concept and that we found some Irish boys that seemed well cast to take part in the show with some nice songs ;)


Brian Miller said…
nice,,i really like this one...sounds a bit like evanescence

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