Made in Belgium: Das Pop

Das pop   originated in Ghent and brings unpretentious , somewhat kitschy  but surely catchy pop tunes.

Since Bent Van Looy, the singer, participated last year in the tremendously popular quiz series 'The slimste mens' (the smartest human) and made it to the final, the band now finally has a face to me.  When I hear them on the radio I can't help visualising Tintin and I can't help but finding them tremendously sympathetic, spontaneous & smart :p

You - 2002

Underground - 2009

Wings - 2009


Brian Miller said…
nice. i really liked wings...
Betsy said…
They have a great sound!

"You" makes me miss Brussels and StuBru!!!
Goofball said…
@Betsy: you'll have to come and visit :p

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