Made in Belgium: Pitty Pollack

In the beginning of the nineties the Flemish showbizz was enriched by a singing teacher. She grew up singing together with her sisters and in 1990 she scored a major hit with "Poor, stupid & ugly". After all these years I still really enjoy that song. I love her voice, I love the lyrics.

In the last decade she became mother of 2 daughters and returned to teaching. I think we lost one of the most sympathetic singers.

Poor, stupid & ugly - 1990

Silly coincidence - 1992


Brian Miller said…
you know what i find inspiring is that she seems to have her priorities straight...she has a nice folksy style
Goofball said…
@Brian: There's not that many video's of Pitty Pollack to be found on youtube. On these there were some positive comments on the song. Apparently Pollack's teenage daughter had found her mom's video's and was commenting herself that it was strange to see her mom as a celeb and that she was moved by all the nice comments that people made about her mom.

I thought that was cute

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