Magic bog lands

Even when the weather changes, or maybe especially when the weather changes, to grey wet foggy sadness, the bog lands are magical to visit. While the fog visibly climbed up the sloped moorlands in a rush to reach Germany (I guess they didn't want to mess with Deutsche p√ľntklichheit) , we enjoyed a long walk through woods and bog lands of Belgians biggest nature reserve "the High Fens" around the highest point of Belgium. The vast amount of untouched nature is extremely rare in a crowded country like Belgium and therefore such a treasure to visit.

While searching our way through the swampy trail, we found several little frogs. Bigger wildlife remained hidden to us unfortunately.


Brian Miller said…
looks like a rather mysterious walk...what no cows giving birth? smiles.
Betsy said…
Wow, how cool! The fog really does give it an air of mystery, doesn't it?! But it also reminds me that autumn is coming. blech.
Anonymous said…
nice ;-)
Goofball said…
@Brian: can I order some more birthgiving cows for the coming weekends please? they are addicting ;)

@Betsy: oh don't remind me. blech

@annelissen: hey, tof dat jij me hier een bezoekje brengt :) Nu ontdek ik dat je weer blogt, 'k was je een hele tijd uit het oog verloren.

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