Progress on a lazy day

We've renovated a great deal last weekend and progressed well.

It was a nice sunny day, probably one of the last summer days to enjoy so we walked around through the valleys of the nearby villages and enjoyed our day.

We adore the regular sight of some highlander cows that seem to be bred more and more in the area to potentially graze on the moor lands. Aren't they adorable?

Despite the sun, there was plenty of evidence that the automn is just around the corner. This aminita is probably still very young as it's head wasn't opened yet.

Since the area is scattered with "ski's for rent" signs we went to one of the nearby skihills just for the heck of it. Funny to see it deserted in full summer. So this is one of the most impressive rare down-hill ski slopes in Belgium :) . No wonder we're never featured on some winter olympics :D. Here you can see what it looked like last winter.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the sun in Malm├ędy.

When we got back, we lounged in the garden until the electricity technicians had finished their job in replacing all the doubtfully manipulated/fabricated plugs in the house. Aaaaah, it's nice to see changes in the house when you didn't need to do anything yourself for a change.


Brian Miller said…
oh very nice pics...that is a cool looking cow...and nice view...

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