Who needs more sand?

In the area of Tilburg & 's Hertogenbosch you cannot only visit the Efteling amusement park or the Beekse Bergen safari park, you can also build sand castles or imagine yourself a roaming bandit in the desert. Nope there's no nearby beach, yet no lack of sand in the Loonse & Drunense Duinen. Apparently it's send blown here at the end of an ice age. And despite many centuries where the settled people in the neighbourhood tried to tame the blowing sand hills by planting woods, there's still some left and is currently protected in a Dutch national park.

And it is a marvellous place!


Brian Miller said…
beautiful pictures...particularly the one of the driftwood...i like the perspective on it..
Betsy said…
I love this place! Nice pictures, too! :-)
yab said…
Waw, prachtig!
Goofball said…
@Brian: it's my husband who gets the credit for that picture

@Betsy: have you been there? don't tell me you were strolling a km further as you did last year in the hoge Veluwe ;)

@yab: ja echt prachtig
Snooker said…
All that sand and yet no water... so, so sad.

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