Another Indian Summer in Scheveningen

Our past frequency of going back to The Hague about 3 times a year failed miserably so far in 2010, but we made it up with a splendid weekend with our friends and their kids.  After fall weather in August & September, October treats us for some enjoyable summer weather. Another Indian Summer in Scheveningen. Time for a long walk along the beach in the sun !

Tickle tickle tickle
Look we have the same sweater !!

Aaaah the Pier in Scheveningen, a sight that always makes me happy

Part of the dyke & boulevard on top of it, is getting reconstructed & reinforce to ensure it can withstand a "superstorm" (once every 400? years).  Everywhere in the Netherlands there seems to be construction works ongoing to reinforce the existing dykes protecting the mainland below sea level, but also in Belgium there's plans/studies to construct artificial islands and or to rise the beaches etc as protective measures to superstorms and rising sea levels with regards to the changing climate.  

Anyway the familiar boulevard & beach in Scheveningen was interrupted past the Sealife center where a temporary boulevard takes a turn onto the widened beach to make room for a huge construction site.

Don't worry Jenn, your favourite herring sculptures have been safely moved out and will come back as you can see in this little animation film. Nevertheless, the sculpture museum now looks very desolate.

But fortunately the strandtenten (although going into winter retreat as we speak) and the sea never seem to change and were as enjoyable as always! 

and the beer at the port was very enjoyable :)

after which we could head back in the sun

curves at the Circustheater


Jenn said…
Ahhhhhhhh... The photos, the sunshine, the sights, the words. I am so homesick.
Carol said…
Looks like a place I'd love to visit!

zusjesenzo said…
Merci om me er nog eens aan te herinneren dat ik nog altijd eens naar Scheveningen moet gaan (jij hebt me dat ooit eens aangeraden). Nog nooit geweest, maar het lijkt me een heerlijke plek!
Brian Miller said…
thanks for taking us on the artwork and love the ocean views...i need to get me a car like that...smiler
Jenn said…
Looks like a great weekend. I love the pink bike.


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