Waffle jokes & stereotypes

I had seen two comments last week on someone else's profile whether she had seen Jon Stuart's jokes on Belgium.   Ha, I was curious so I googled. I 've seem some extracts of his show before and he sure can nail it.

So here's the extract and it cracked me up.   Those waffles, hahaha.  Ok the highway to Paris was maybe a bit less tasteless but the mob swap was an excellent idea :).  And I'm sure that if Jon would be reading my blog, he'd find some more inspiration in Belgian jokes :)
But if you excuse me now, I have to continue watching the brilliant French movie "Bienvenue chez les Ch'Tis" on the stereotypes the French have about "Le Nord" of their own country where they speak an incomprehensible dialect, only eat fries & mussels and are alcoholics to survive in the freaking cold.   Hilarious if you watch it in a country even more north than that "Nord".     Do watch this movie if you ever can!!!!!!!! (not that it's translatable in subtitles but so be it).


jokemijn said…
:) bedankt voor de tip.
Brian Miller said…
you like waffles? i think they are better than pancakes...

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