Made in Belgium: Flip Kowlier

In the past I have presented the dialect hiphop band 't Hof van Commerce to you.  One of their MC's Flip Kowlier went solo and went through his own musical evolution. From a sincere fuck you to the relaxing coccooning in the sun sound of Swimming Pool, he explores different styles.   His last record "Ottoradio" brought out in 2010  proofs that reggae beats and a local strong dialect mix well.   Jan heard a few songs and immediately bought the record full of enthousiasm. My sceptiscism melted soon ... Just sit back and listen and you'll surely get a smile on your face as well .

Zwembad (swimming pool) - summer 2010

Mo ba nin (but no) - April 2010

Welgemeende (a sincere ...) - 2006

Min Moaten (My pals) - 2001

Bjistje in min Uoft (a little bug in my head) - 2004


Lilacspecs said…
I can't understand a singal lyric, but he's still fun to listen to.
Virtualsprite said…
I can't understand it either, but I do love it. He's got kind of a reggae vibe, but it's very easy to listen to.
Brian Miller said…
nice. i like the diversity in his music...listened t a couple even though i dont understand...
Goofball said…
@Lilacspecs: don't worry...most Belgians don't understand what he sings. I understand what it's about but can't "translate" each single word either
Betsy said…
OK, it makes me feel better to read these comments because I just came here to say: ik. versta. geen. word. hiervan.

I like his music, though! :-)

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