Made in Belgium: Helmut Lotti

When I was 12 I was watching the popular "Soundmixshow" show on the Dutch television gasping at the many people showing off their talent in imitating one of their singing heroes.  At one point there was a Belgian boy coming in their with an Elvis imitation. His naive simple answers were a mocked by the Dutch presentor but his voice was good.  My sister came down from her room to watch it although she usually never watched the Soundmixshow. "We must phone for him, we must support the Belgian in it.  He's in my school" she said. I was in awe that a boy from her cpllege was on tv in The Netherlands in THE Soundmixshow. Obviously we had to vote for him. He made it to the final but never won.   Apparently he's done another Elvis imitation on a talent show at the school.

His first singles were typical Flemish schlagers that were rather ridiculous and worth to be forgotten quickly.  But in the mid-nineties Helmut Lotti and his manager must have had a idea that turned out to be a gold-mine:  let's sing classical (opera) songs with a symphonic orchestra. I wonder if he realised at that moment he condemned himself to wearing a tuxedo for the rest of his career. The "Lotti goes classic" trilogy are the best sold albums ever in Belgium and were an international hit.  It were the only Belgian CD's that were for sale in the tiny music store in town in Canada during my student exchange.  Seeing Helmut in the racks and remembering his typical down to earth naieve interview style  with his juicy accent from Ghent made me feel connected with hime.   After 3 "classical" CD's it was time for something new and then he has successively created albums themed with Russian songs, Latin songs, African songs, German songs, crooners  and also a tribute to the King, his hero.

I'm not sure if the world needed a non-schooled pop-singer to cross-over to classical music but he surely brought classical music to the masses and became rich in the process.  Far more than his singing I like hearing him getting interviewed. His (faked?) simplicity & naivity is so funny & refreshing.

Hay Fiesta en la hacienda

Return to sender -



Nessun Dorma - 2010


Anonymous said…
Helmut Lotti was nerver nOt going to make it.

BORN: 22 October 1969


The related themes of temptation, attraction, magnatism & seduction run through almost every aspect of October 22 peoples lives. Though they are the magnet, they can also be swept away. October 22 people are capable of arousing tremendous resentment & jealousy. Emotionally powerful, their presence generally upsets the status quo.
In some born on this day an undercurrent of wildness may be consealed underneath an unassuming or cool exterior. Their projective powers are great; it is possible for them to enter a room & change the energy of the gathering, for this reason they must be extremely guarded in exercising such power.

Ruled by the number 4 & the planet Uranus which is both erratic & explosive. The added influence of Venus & Pluto underline their seductive, magnetic qualities. The number 4 typically represents rebellion, idiosyncratic beliefs & a desire to change the rules ( = his involvment with UNICEF )

The 22nd Card of the Major Arcana is The Fool, some interpretations picture himas a foolish man who gives up his reason, others a highly spiritualized being fre of material considerations. A highly evolved Fool who has followed lifs path, experienced it's lessons & become one with his own vision.

Like Martin Shaw, Helmut Lotti was born for the entertainment world.

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