Made in Belgium: Milk Inc

In the mid nineties Belgium was flooded with dance groups all over, conquering our and European popcharts and dance charts.  Most of them have disappeared again from the scene or are somewhere well hidden to be heard exclusively in clubs or so.  But Milk Inc.  has succeeded to pull their successes well into the next decade and are still going strong.  After 13 years they still manage to fill big concert halls with live concerts  and cause traffic jams on the highways nearby.

Walk on Water - 2000

Black-out - 2010

Whisper - Live @ sportpaleis 2009

In my eyes - 1998


Lilacspecs said…
Heh, sorry, I'm just sooo not a fan of Milk Inc.
Brian Miller said…
i drink milk every day...smiles. my sons like chocolate...

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