Made in Belgium: Ozark Henry

When I started this "Made in Belgium" series a year ago (yep 1 year next week!!) I immediately had Ozark Henry in mind. This talented songwriter/producer has always found a fan in me and I'm in good company as David Bowie is also an Ozark Henry fan :).   We saw a concert of him in The Hague several years ago.

Anyway I had heard that Piet Goddaer was working on a new album, so I figured it'd be cool if I could wait until that one was out and immediately include it in my post.  Geez, I had to be patient but now finally he has released Hvelreki last week, and it launched itself right to the number 1 in the album charts.  Clearly more people were waiting for his new work.

The new single "This one's for you" is so smooth yet very typical Ozark Henry.  It gets a lot of airplay and I catch myself humming along unconciously.  So....this one is for you my readers.

This one's for you - October 2010

Vespertine live - 2007

Intersexual - 2002

Sweet Instigator - 2001

word up - 2002

These Days - 2005


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