• Sometimes it's funnier to watch Jan when he's laughing over a comic movie or show, than watching the show itself
  • Since we have our new front door, I haven't hear the neighbour's door banging once anymore...I think our old door was still linked to theirs somehow.
  • When I'm really busy I have so much thoughts I want to share on this blog....now my mind remains blank. 
  • It might snow a tiny little bit in the Ardennes this week. We are hopeful. Although I won't be there anyway, but it's the thought that counts I suppose.
  • 3 workers start each morning at 7 AM repairing some parking spaces in front of our house. 3 spaces.  I think they are almost done now after 6 days. I'm somehow suspicious that they stopped each time when I left the house to go to work.
  • Sometimes things just sucks
  • I wonder if there's going to be a train strike tomorrow, again. Maybe that should get introduced in the schedules: every 3rd Tuesday of the month strike or so
  • I start to be in Xmas vacation mood.


zusjesenzo said…
Dat laatste puntje geldt ook voor mij... Maar helaas nog een volle maand wachten :-(
Brian Miller said…
ha. i bet they do stop work...cute about watching jan as well...hope you have a great day!

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