E-service inefficiency

Because I spend the majority of my working time in the Netherlands now, I must apply for a "sofi" number ( a Dutch social/fiscal identity).  In order to obtain one I must bring my own identity card and a proof of my address.

Ha easy because all Belgians have a small electronic ID with a chip and the government has been generously distributing ID cardreaders that give us access to online applications to access our files at the government, apply for documents, submit our taxes, or join child-friendly chat applications where you cannot hide under an alias. 

All city administrations have developed e-business services many years ago so I quickly log on at the website of Leuven, click on "proof of residence", put my ID in the reader and see all my official numbers, my names, ID card number etc appearing on the screen.   I hit on the confirmation button and get immediately a PDF in my e-mail.  Nice and smoothly.

Then I read what is on the screen and in the PDF.......It is simply a recognition that I've applied for a document.  I am still waiting for my proof of residence while my address is registered on the chip of my ID.   If they can read everything else on the screen, why not my official address and dump it on a nice form. Argh. What's the point of an e-form if you are doing it like this?  What an inefficiency and lost chance!!! Way to go Leuven. I am really curious now how long it will take them to treat my request.

So I tried something else and went to check my files at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to check my Population file there.  With 2 clicks I got the history of all my registered addresses and I could click to receive a nicely formatted certificat of residence stamped with the Ministry's logo and time of delivery etc.    Ha, much better service from that non-existing federal government.


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