Made in Belgium: Get Ready

When I grew up there were always "back to the 80ies" parties.   I had grown up stealing my sister's cassettes from her cupboard so I was more into 80ies music than my friends of my own age and I was convinced that 80ies music was way better than the contemporary 90ies pop & beats (I completely ignored rock at that age).

With quite some amusement I notice a huge "We love the 90ies" hype going on with several popular radio stations regularly scheduling top 90ies weeks and an explosion of 90ies music parties everywhere. There's a real revival going on and much to my surprise that music brings back so much more teenage & student live memories than I would have expected.  With hindsight I do belief the 90ies also brought us some great music.

One of the things I recently saw on tv was "Get Ready!".  I had completely forgotten that the 90ies was also all about popular boysbands and hysterically screaming girls.   And oh yes....Belgium did not escape that phenomenon. So this week I present you Belgium's most popular boysband from the 90ies  "Get Ready" who have had 11 number 1 singles between 1996 and 2002.....don't get me wrong, I don't blog about them because they were good. In fact they were that horrible that with hindsight it's incredibly funny and very amusing.  And because of that, they are going through a revival with a lot of performances over the last years and they are even launching a new album this year. Oh gosh , help us.   ;)

I still love you




Brian Miller said…
oh we have our fair share of those that were so horrible but so for going

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