Made in Belgium: Nicole & Hugo

It's almost Eurovision songcontest time!  Always a good time to have a flash-back and chuckle.
One of our most famous participations that always pop-up again at this time of the year is Nicole and Hugo.  This singing couple was supposed to go to the Eurovision songcontest with their hit "Goeiemorgen, morgen"(Goodmorning) in 1971. However Nicole got jaundice just before and another couple had to fill in for them last minute.  They got another chance to represent Flanders in 1973.  They turned out last of the entire contest, but their participation became Eurovision memorable history thanks to their jumpsuits and funny dance routine.  They even appeared the 50-years Eurovision songcontest compilation in 2005 during the show. They participated in another pre-selection round in 2004 but failed.

They made careers on cruiseship entertainement. Nevertheless they've never disappeared from the Flemish showbizz and they are the archetype of the "forever smiling couple in love".  You can't see one without the other...ever.

Baby Baby - Eurovision 1973

Goeiemorgen goeiemorgen (1972)

Love is all around - 2004

Pastorale - 2008


Brian Miller said…
oh my...hehe...nice outfits...smiles...and songs...

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