Made in Belgium: Scala

Once upon a time there were 2 brothers with music in their genes, known for their virtuoso double piano games. They also led a local girls choir in Aarschot, a little city at 17kms from Leuven.  In 2000 the all girls choir won the contest "choir of the year" .

A few years later they decided to change the repertoire of the choir from classical pieces to some rock songs. Steven Kolascny  stripped big rock hits from all layers and re-arranged them for an all girls choir with only piano as accompagniement. It was not without hesitation and there came reaction from the classic circuit indeed: at some choir concerts they got disqualified for inappropriate language.  In 2004 their first rock album appeared "Scala on the rocks" and became an instant hit in Belgium and surrounding countries with a lot of interest in the rock scene. Some of the covered groups became instant fans.

They had the chance to tour through some European countries , play on rock festivals etc... These 18-girls choir grew slowly to a big well-trained professional 60 - person (on stage....much more people in the pipeline) young adult choir with a strict choreography, media etc.

In May 2010, Stijn & Steven Kolascny frowned their eyebrows when they got an e-mail from Hollywood making some requests on their music and the fact that one of their songs would match a soon to be released movie well. 2 months later the trailer for "The Social Network" was released with Scala's cover of Creep in a central role.

Right now Scala has just finished their North-American tour with shows at the Coachella- and  SXSW festivals, performance at Conon O'Briens show etc etc. 

Creep (Radiahead cover)

Creep @Conon O'Brian

Smells like teen spirit (Radiohead cover)

With or without you (U2 cover)

Fail - Regi featuring Scala

Teenage dirtbag


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